Alabama Veterinary Allergy and Dermatology

We at the Alabama Veterinary Allergy and Dermatology Service specialize in treating pets like a valued member of our family. We offer the following services:

Complete and thorough consultations for all diseases of the skin, coat, ears, oral cavity and nails
Valuable client education as it pertains to your pet’s condition
State of the art diagnostic and treatment options for all dermatologic issues
Intradermal and serum allergy testing
Allergen specific immunotherapy (allergy shots)
Advanced otoscopic Exams
Skin and otic cytologies
Skin biopsies
Skin and otic culture/sensitivity
Evaluation and therapy for metabolic, hormonal and autoimmune skin diseases

The services provided by Dr. Hubbard are of special quality and are an extension of the care offered to you by your regular veterinarian. With a referral from your regular veterinarian, you and Dr. Hubbard can determine together the best dermatological treatment plan for your pet.

186 Oxmoor Rd

Homewood, AL 35209

Phone: (205) 218-2707