Cross Heating & Air, LLC – Bobby Cross and Bill Cade

Cross Heating And Air was started by Bobby L. Cross in 1975 to serve Jefferson and Shelby Counties in Alabama. We do maintenance, repairs, and replacement of heating and cooling equipment in both the residential and commercial markets. We also sell and maintain water heaters, especially the new tankless water heaters. We have a full line of whole house humidifiers and high efficiency air cleaners. We can handle new construction projects as well as existing homes and businesses.

Our main focus has always been customer satisfaction and comfort. Have you ever had a system that had to run all day long to cool the house? Have you ever not had enough hot water? Is your home or business dustier than you would like it to be? We have solutions to these problems? Call us for your future needs and you'll find out why most of our customers have been using us for over 25 years.

P.O. Box

Helena, AL 35080

Phone: 205-663-2199