Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance – A Good Investment

The aftermath of a flood can be devastating. Flood insurance is a way to save your investment in your home, and also your furniture, electronics, and more. Of course, this depends upon the type of coverage you have.

Flood insurance is available to all homeowner’s, whether they live in a flood zone or not. It’s likely if your property is in a flood prone area, you will be required to purchase flood insurance. This is very likely if you have a mortgage from a federal agency like FHA.

If you are offered flood insurance through a federal program, then you will have to qualify. There is a waiting period of at least 30 days before this policy becomes active.

Renters can also purchase flood insurance. The same is true for condo owners and business owners. If you have an investment in your property, then flood insurance policy can help. Coverage varies as do deductibles, so evaluate policy offerings to make the right choice for your property and the valuables.

No one expects a flood to destroy their home or belongings. But just because you have not had a flood, it doesn’t mean you never will. A few inches of floodwater can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Water seems harmless, but it’s not as harmless as you think. Water damage to floors and walls can lead to mold and mildew. With flood insurance, you can recover and get the help you need.